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Global is Over A Decade Old Security Services Company has been established with an aim of providing quality and reliable security services to its customers. It has been founded by a team of experienced professionals in the Security Field, Global operates on certain core principles from which we commit not to waiver from. Our commitment to provide well trained team of serving personnel, Global has dedicated training team headed by retired colonel from the Indian army.

At Global our personnel go through prior deployment training and certification.

Global prides itself on having a "Value for Money" operation process that is the best in the industry.

Global continuously work towards providing its best services to its client.

Our Mission

"Your Security, Our Mission."

Our Culture

"Our Humaneness towards our people who work with us and their family, help us retian our talent pool."

Our Vision

"To be the best service provider."



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Global Protection & Security Services Pvt Ltd

A company can ensure all employees of their safety with the quality services supplied by security Global

What We Offer

Security Operations

We have highly trained staff available that implement security measures around any Retail, Commercial or Industrial Site.
Our Gaurds are trained and certified by a rigorus curriculum set by our trainer.
  • In-Progress Review

    Upon receipt of the Purchase Order, Global will participate in an In-Progress Review (IPR) with the designated Security Manager once each week.
  • Risk Management

    Risk identification—A initial risk assessment and site survey will be conducted to provide input to our staff assignments, nature of protection required.
  • Staff Supervision

    Global Security Supervisors will conduct both routine and unannounced inspections 24x7 to verify all aspects of the security service.
  • Operational Procedures

    Survey of the units for assessing the security requirements. Survey will be done after identification of the threat perception/security concerns of the client.

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Global Protection & Security Services Pvt Ltd

Your Security is Our Mission